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Rather than adapt an existing land-based water treatment solution for marine use, we asked tanker operators what they wanted from a treatment system. Coldharbour engineers based the design and development of the GLD™ BWTS on the feedback received from the shipping industry, making sure that the system was ideally suited to the operational environment.

System features as requested by ship operators:

The system should


        Not disrupt normal operations, especially ballasting and de-ballasting

  • Allow for gravity ballasting and de-ballasting

  • Not require upgrades to ballast pumps or pipes

  • Not require upgrades to on-board power generation capacity

  • Have a small footprint and low running costs

  • Be robust, reliable and suitable on-board use

  • Be simple to use with no specialist maintenance requirement

  • Not have a detrimental effect on ballast tank coatings

  • Remove the risk of organism regrowth

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Inert Gas Generation:

No Vertical Scrubbing Section

  • Stable Residual Oxygen content 

  • Zero Soot Combustion

  • Low NOx and SOx emissions

  • Automated operation

  • Reduced maintenance costs

  • No demister pads to block

  • No burner cone

  • No separate scrubber section

  • Compact footprint



The Sea Guardian™ Inert Gas Generator draws heavily on the experiences of IGG users in the field. Coldharbour engineeers wanted to design a new IGG with all the typical operating issues experienced by users of traditional systems engineered out. As a result the unit has no burner cone, no separate scrubber tower unit and no demister pad section to block during use. Unexpected and costly downtime is all but eliminated and the inherently simple design makes the Sea Guardian™ a reliable, low-cost option. To find out more, click HERE.

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