Domestic Water Modules




































Typical Modules incorporate:


Substantial skid frame, self priming pumps, membrane pressure cell, carbon filter, UV treatment unit, storage calorifier with immersion heaters, circulating pump, membrane expansion cell, pipework with all necessary isolation and non return valves, pressure/temperature sensing and measuring devices, relief and safety valves, electrical cabling and combined starter/control panel including all starting, control and safety interlock functions. A volt-free "change over" fault contact is provided.















Coldharbour Marine Domestic Water Modules are available from less than 10 persons up to a maximum of 1000 persons.







Coldharbour engineers have been to the forefront in the development of ships accommodation domestic water modules since the mid 1980's, taking the original piece meal concept and re-thinking the installation philosophy in order to achieve compact one lift modules better suited to todays shipbuilding techniques.


Domestic Water Modules are designed and built as an integration of conventional hydrophore set, steriliser, calorifier and circulating pumps onto a compact skid package, piped, wired and tested before leaving our works.


The design is such that after bolting the module in place the only work necessary is to connect the power supply and water pipes which distribute the pressurised supply of potable hot and cold domestic water to the ships accommodation.



The philosophy behind the package approach contributes significantly to the security of the process. The modules have automatic fail-safe features which ensure continuous operation. The modules are fully automated from minimum to maximum demand requiring no manual intervention except for occasional switching of duty pumps on multi pump installations.


Modules are available in a range of sizes that can be individually tailored to suit clients' specific requirements. In the case of smaller vessels such as luxury super yachts packages can be split into hot water and cold water skids to aid installation in more confined spaces.

Advantages for the Shipowner


  • Easy to operate and maintain

  • Reduced running costs

  • Modular design for reliable supply

  • Single source for support and spares

Advantages for the Shipbuilder


  • Ease of installation

  • Factory tested

  • Compact skid-mouted design

  • Reduction in total design time.


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