Andrew Marshall, CEO Coldharbour Marine, gives Boris Johnson a tour of the facility.

Dr Gagandeep Singh, Coldharbour R&D Scientist, describes the Coldharbour technology to Boris Johnson

Image: Courtesy of the Nottingham Post


Boris Johnson visits Coldharbour Marine


Boris Johnson made a visit to the Coldharbour Marine R&D and Test Facility in Linby, Nottinghamshire on Thursday 9th March 2017.

Andrew Marshall, Coldharbour CEO welcomed Mr Johnson, introduced him to members of the staff and then gave a short presentation to introduce the unique Coldharbour Ballast Water treatment system.

This was followed by a visit to the R&D laboratory on site, where Dr Gagandeep Singh, R&D Scientist at Coldharbour, described the technology behind the use of ultrasonics in the process to treat the harmful bacteria.

Andrew then took Boris Johnson on a guided tour of the Coldharbour Test Facility showing him the equipment that is installed on board the large tankers and bulk carrier ships which form the target market for the Coldharbour system for ballast water treatment.


Boris Johnson said: “I was delighted to visit Coldharbour Marine and be given a tour of the fantastic facilities by Andrew and the team.

“This is a company which is going from strength to strength, exporting globally and I was more than impressed by what I saw.

“We are entering a new era in Britain’s trade relationship with the rest of world, and seeing companies like Coldharbour Marine makes me very optimistic about our economic future and new trading possibilities.”

Andrew Marshall said: “ It was our pleasure to welcome the Foreign Secretary to Coldharbour.  Throughout the visit Boris showed considerable knowledge of the environmental issues that form the drivers for our products.  His obvious enthusiasm for our cutting edge technologies is a boost for Coldharbour and our employees and since the overwhelming majority of our sales are for export to the Far East, this is of course something that is of great interest to Mr Johnson as the UK moves towards its Brexit future“.  





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