Innovation Brings Success for Coldharbour Marine


Coldharbour Marine adoption of an innovative approach to the research, design and development of a unique in-tank, in-voyage ballast water management system has won the company the plaudits of the marine industry. Coldharbour Marine’s BWMS has been shortlisted in the 2015 Innovation Awards held at a dinner in London hosted by trade publication, Marine Propulsion and Auxiliary Machinery. The Ballast Water Management system has been optimised for use in large carriers and container vessels which use significant volumes of ballast water and high pumping rates are the norm. 


Rather than adapting existing technologies Coldharbour began with a 'customer insight' exercise. This allowed Coldharbour to identify the 3 most important characteristics of an ideal BWTS together with 12 secondary characteristics. These became the design brief. 


Once designed and patented, the product was tested by a biologist working at the University of Oxford before the prototype was submitted for IMO accreditation on shore and on ship. Because uniquely, this system operates in tank and in voyage the assumptions underlying early IMO accreditation processes were invalid and a new set of tests had to be developed Testing was undertaken by the UK's MCA together with Lloyds Register and IMO accreditation was achieved in 2015, 5 years after beginning the project.


.Now tanker operators have a system which has no electrical parts to fail, which operates in voyage not at terminal saving time and cost and which avoids any risk of regrowth. The system uses three methods to kill potentially invasive organisms -hypoxia, hypercapnia and ultrasonic cavitation which disrupts cell walls leaving no chemical residue. It operates in any type of water - fresh to the most saline and is independent of temperature. In short, by focusing on the needs of its target market and believing that one size will not fit all Coldharbour have innovated the optimal system for tanker and bulk carriers who otherwise struggle to manage large volumes of ballast water and high pump rates.   


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