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Cold Harbour Marine&nbspBallast Water Treatment


Generally used on Chemical and Product Tankships where a higher quality of inert gas is required so as not to pollute the refined cargo product. Typically a range between 0.2% to 2.0% oxygen content with no soot is available to suit client requirements.

A typical Inert Gas Generator system as shown here includes six major component parts, each having special features.

Inert Gas Generator
Unique 'Sea Guardian' third generation design, incorporating innovative integrated burner, swirl vane separator and patented quench scrubber elements, eliminating the need for demister pads and spray nozzles.

Combustion Air Blower
A Roots type blower of compact design. Selected for low noise and low maintenance characteristics. In-built safety relief valve.

Deck Water Seal
'Wet Type' design with an external seal pipe ensuring added safety. Water is displaced during normal gas flow forming a semi wet seal. Entrained water is expelled by swirling the gas in the vessel and passing it through an integral demister. Alternatively, where appropriate, double block and bleed valves can be supplied.

Pressure/ Vacuum Breaker
Providing final protection by releasing excessive pressure or vacuum from the cargo tanks ensures that the tank design conditions cannot be exceeded. The design is totally fail-safe

Gas delivery and control valves are normally of the butterfly type with bonded rubber linings and corrosion resistant discs and shafts. Where remotely controlled, these valves use double acting actuators.

Control System
Utilises a programmable logic controller to give the required functions of control along with designated selective acceptance of alarms. The instrumentation and control panels are generally located in the engine room,
cargo room and bridge. Customers special requirements can be incorporated.


IGGS Layout
IGGS Layout
Water Seal
P/V Breaker Valves Control System